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  1. To qualify for accident insurance the activity must be run by a qualified Activity leader.
  1. To qualify for liability insurance, the Activity Group leader must be registered as such under the city’s volunteer program.


The board of directors  of Dogwood Seniors’ Society is pleased to advise that the $10 membership fee now includes  the following  accident insurance while members are participating in Dogwood Activities . 

The following  insurance coverage is “included”  as part of your  $10 membership 

All insured Persons under age 95 as classified below

All Class 1 – Volunteers & Members

Principal Sum:     $25,000

Benefit: Equal to the Principal Sum

Permanent Total Disability is defined as preventing the Insured Person from performing “ANY” occupation.


 Maximum Reimbursement         $10,000.00


 Maximum Reimbursement        $5,000.00

Additional Benefits:                          

Loss Schedule including Brain Death Benefit

Rehabilitation Benefit – Maximum $3,000

Funeral Benefit – Maximum $5,000

Bereavement Benefit – Maximum $1,500

Tuition Expense Benefit – Maximum $2,000

Prosthetic Appliances Benefit – Maximum $3,000

Accident Vision Benefit – $100

Commercial Liability Policy

Dogwood Pavilion Seniors Society has a Commercial Liability Policy in place which covers all registered Activity Group Leaders and volunteers.
Details can be requested from the Dogwood Seniors’ Society Board by writing to

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