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Please protect yourself, your family, friends and neighbours.
If you are over 65, then please ask your pharmacist about the Fluzone High Dose Quadrivalent Influenza vaccine that is recommended by NACi (National Advisorty Committee on Immunization).
The cost for this vaccine is about $95. The free influenza vaccine offered in BC is the Fluad–and is only a Trivalent vaccine.
Most other provinces in Canada are offering Fluzone for FREE for those over 65…unfortunately, not in BC. You are worth the $95 to help you stay out of hospital. Go for it!


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Dogwood Pavilion is a social recreation centre for adults 50 years or better to get together, meet new friends and enjoy a variety of recreation opportunities.

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  1. Solid supporter of getting best flu shot available for over 65 .Not in favor of $95 price tag. Could TCSAC work toward getting a grant that would cover most of the costs of the shot. Ideally offering discount for couples and families. We all deserve the best shot at maintaining good health.

    • That is an excellent suggestion which I would suggest you could forward directly to Ken Kuhn with the Tricity Seniors Action Society. We posted his poster as a supportive gesture to promote the additional protection of the higher dose flu shot

      Wilhelmina Martin

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