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Special General Meeting on November 1, 2022 at 10 AM in the North View Room

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To all Dogwood Pavilion Seniors’ Society Members
There will be a Special General Meeting of the Dogwood Pavilion Seniors’ Society at 10:00 a.m on November 1, 2022 in the North View Room to approve several bylaw changes which have been identified as necessary by the Board since our Annual General Meeting. These are mostly administrative, housekeeping modifications to reflect some of the changes since our Board began in October 2022. 
We require a quorum of 35 members to hold the meeting and approve these bylaw changes. We hope that you will come out for this short meeting to approve these changes which will then be adopted into our bylaws. We promise to keep the meeting short. There will be no elections at this meeting and we are hoping to be finished within one hour. Our Annual General Meeting will be March, 2023. 

Changes to Bylaws October 2022

The highlighted areas are the changes to the bylaws that need to be voted on.

The numbers do not indicate where they are listed in the Bylaws, they are for ease of discussion


General Information

i.        All board members are elected for a two year term at the Annual General Meeting.

ii.       Board members may only hold an elected or appointed position for two terms unless otherwise indicated.


i.          President

ii.         Immediate Past President

iii.       1st Vice President

iv.       2nd Vice President

v.        Financial Director

vi.       Assistant Financial Director

vii.     Director at Large(max 2 positions)

viii.    Recreation Complex Supervisor – this is a non-voting position held by an employee of The City of Coquitlam

ix.       Executive Secretary  this is a voting position


i.           The positions of President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and Director(s) at Large are elected at the Annual General Meeting for a two-year term by The Society membership.

ii.         Activity Group Directors and Assistant Directors are elected for a two-year term by their respective Activity Groups during a meeting prior to the AGM, each activity group has  2 votes per Activity Group regardless of the number of members attending the meeting.


A group or activity applies to the Board for standing in the Society and upon approval falls under the umbrella of these bylaws as well as the Service Level Agreement and Provincially mandated Societies Act.

i.           Persons of that group or activity become a society member upon the Board’s acceptance of the application and upon payment of applicable fees to the activity and to The Society.

ii.         Activity Groups maintain the Constitution and Bylaws of The Society within their groups.


i.          Responsible for establishing, monitoring, and enforcing Dogwood membership requirements.

ii.         Responsible for establishing, monitoring, and enforcing the Bylaws of The Society.

iii.       Maintain proper financial records regarding fees collected from each member and deposited.

iv.       Keep their Director informed of any changes in the operation of their activity.

v.          Support the Society in recruiting candidates to fill Executive and Director Positions.

Wilhelmina Martin

Dogwood Pavilion Seniors’ Society 

Click on this link for: Changes-to-Bylaws-October-2022.pdf

Click on this link for: Agenda for Special General Meeting November 1 2022 (2)

Click on this link for: Dogwood Pavilion Seniors Society AGM Minutes of March 31st 2022

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