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An email scam is circulating among Dogwood Board members and some Dogwood members involving President Wilhelmina Martin of the Dogwood Pavilion Seniors’ Society.

Ms. Martin’s email was hacked several weeks ago and since that time various emails have been sent out seemingly asking for help to purchase Amazon gift cards or to make contact on an urgent matter.

These requests are all scams and frauds and the emails are coming from Russia, South Africa and other regions. 

Please delete these requests immediately. Do not respond and most importantly, do not click on any links.  These scams are sophisticated and difficult to trace the origins.

My apologies to all who have been impacted or contacted. I have changed my email address and if you should get an email which appears to come from me, please know that I will not solicit any kind of personal or financial assistance from any of our Board members or membership by email!

* Please email me on the if you need to contact me.

Wilhelmina Martin
Dogwood Pavilion Seniors’ Society

Author: Dogwoodseniors50plus

Dogwood Pavilion is a social recreation centre for adults 50 years or better to get together, meet new friends and enjoy a variety of recreation opportunities.

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