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Provincial Health Order Update

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Update on Dogwood Activities and Programs based on the new Provincial Health Orders (PHO).
Effective Tuesday February 22, 2022.


Masks covering the mouth and nose are mandatory inside City Facilities except during:

–          designated sports and fitness programs

–          eating and drinking

To be clear, this does not mean participants can bring beverages and food to programs that do not include food in the nature of the activity solely to avoid wearing masks.
Everyone participating in an activity and program wears their mask at all times as a regular practice and pulling them down to have a sip of their beverage should be an exception.

Proof of Vaccination

Proof of Vaccination (POV) and valid photo ID is mandatory to participate in all activities and programs.
Dogwood Front Desk will scan Proof of Vaccination, check ID, and then stamp individuals hands to indicate they are cleared to participate.
Activity Group Leaders or instructors will ask participants to show their stamp upon arrival at the activity or program. Please direct any participants without a stamp to the front desk.
The City of Coquitlam requires this process for every session.

Physical Distance

There is no mandate to maintain physical distance at this time.
We encourage everyone to spread out, respect personal space, and avoid crowding as much as possible for good practice.

Room Capacity

Room capacities are back to 100%. This should not impact most groups as we all worked together to set limits based on room set up and equipment. However, for those impacted, you can resume at full capacity before the restriction.

Table-to-Table Movement

Participants are able to move between tables in both the Boulevard Café, Tea Garden, and in activities and programs. They do not have to stay in their designated seat for the entire duration of their participation.

Participants please be informed that these orders are in place as mandated by the PHO to keep everyone safe in response to COVID-19.
They are non-negotiable and may impact participation and our operations without full compliance.

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