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The Dogwood Pavilion Senior’s Society will begin the fall season of 2021. Membership drive from 7th to 11th September.

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The Dogwood Pavilion Senior’s Society will begin the fall season of 2021, in conjunction with the reopening of Dogwood Pavilion, with our inaugural membership drive. After successfully concluding a service agreement with the City of Coquitlam, the Society Board will be signing up any residents who wish to participate in Activities under the Society’s umbrella for annual memberships at a cost of $10.

Membership in the Society is a requirement to participate in Activity Groups. Effective September, 2021, the Dogwood Pavilion Senior’s Society will be responsible for registering and maintaining a list of current members who will receive the benefits of such membership including the right to participate in the Annual General Meeting and election of Executive Board and Activity Group Directors.

Volunteers will be available in the Dogwood lobby from 0930 to 1530 from 7th to 11th September to provide memberships forms, answer questions and receive payments.
Membership forms will be provided with self addressed envelopes which may be dropped off at the Dogwood Pavilion reception desk or with Activity Group Leaders. The Dogwood Pavilion Senior’s Society offers free membership to those age 90 and over upon proof of age and submission of a membership form. Membership cards will be distributed through Activity Group Leaders once processed by the membership committee.  

Wilhelmina Martin
Vice President
Dogwood Pavilion Senior’s Society

Author: Dogwoodseniors50plus

Dogwood Pavilion is a social recreation centre for adults 50 years or better to get together, meet new friends and enjoy a variety of recreation opportunities.

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