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O Canada
The President asked that everyone stand for the singing of O Canada. Singing was led by Christine Stanley, accompanied on the piano by Ann Rennie.  One Minute of Silence followed, in memory of those members who are no longer with us.  Our President acknowledged the passing of long-time Board member and recent Past President, Dot Harinen.

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm by President, with 71 members in attendance (including 11 Board members).                                        

  • Approval of Agenda

MOTION:      That the Agenda for the March 27, 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Dogwood Pavilion Seniors Society, be approved with the addition of 5.2 Bridge Club Issues.

MOVED BY:  Jim Sloboda

SECONDED BY:  Jean Hammer


2.0       Opening Remarks and Introductions

The President welcomed members to the 2019 Annual General Meeting, followed by the introduction of the members of the Advisory Board at the head table.

Susan Williamson, President

Willy Martin, 1st Vice President

Marge Kroeker, 2nd Vice President

Barry Lang, Financial Director

Harjit Nijjar, Director at Large

Ted Yeoh, Director at Large

Cec Coristine, Social and Educational Director

Barb Muskeyn, Crafts and Games Director

Mario Acosta, Cultural Director

George Metcalf, Sports Director

Pat Larsson, Executive Secretary

Judy Hamanishi, Recreational Supervisor – Staff

3.0       2018 AGM Minutes & Business Arising

The members present were asked if there was any new business.  There being no new business or business arising from the Minutes, members were asked for a motion to approve the March 28, 2018 Minutes of the Dogwood Pavilion Seniors Society Annual General Meeting.

MOTION:   That the March 28, 2018 Minutes of the Dogwood Pavilion Seniors Society Annual General Meeting, be approved.

            MOVED BY:  Christine Stanley

            SECONDED BY:   Dave Beatty


4.0       Advisory Board Reports

            4.1       Finance                                                          

  • The Finance Director, presented and discussed the Financial Report showing the Comparative Balance sheet as of December 31, 2017 and December 31, 2018.
    • Total assets of December 31, 2017 – $ 427,549.
    • Total assets as of December 31, 2018 – $433,300.
    • Total Liabilities as of December, 31, 2017 – $.348,850.
    • Total Liabilities as of December 31, 2018 – 354,600.
  • The 2018 Financial Records have been reviewed by Earl Pollock, a Dogwood Bridge member. Pollock holds both CMA and CPA designations.
  • Thank you to Loraine Currie, Assistant Financial Director for her assistance throughout the year.

MOTION:      That the Financial Report – Comparative balance sheets as of December 31, 2017 and December 31, 2018, be accepted as presented.

MOVED BY:  Barry Lang

SEONDED BY: no seconder


4.2       Social & Educational

  • The Social and Educational Director works with several groups including the Bridge groups who have over 200 members.
  • Other groups include the Garden Club, Computer and WHO groups.
  • Thank you to the Assistant Director and Activity Group leaders for all the work they put in throughout the year.

4.3       Crafts & Games

  • The Crafts and Games Director and the Crafts and Games Assistant Director work with the following Activity Groups:
    • Bingo, Canasta, Art Club, Chess, Crafts, Cribbage, Mexican Dominoes, Gift Shop, Lapidary, Painting Group – Portrait and Oil Painting, Poker, Puzzle Corner, Dogwood Quilting Sisters, Scrabble, Wood Working and Wood Carving.

4.4       Sports

  • The Sports Director reported that the following activities fall under the Sports group.
    • Bocce Ball, Carpet Bowling, Dragon Boating, Floor Hockey, Golf, Hiking, Pickleball, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Slo-pitch Baseball, Snooker, Table Tennis.
    • In total there are approximately 650 Pavilion members involved in these sports activities.
    • Some groups have multiple levels of competitiveness to allow inclusion for various ages and abilities.
    • Objective is to keep members active and socially connected as well as to welcome new comers to share their knowledge and skills.
    • Thank you to Tiko of the Table Tennis group. Tiko has dedicated many hours of effort and leadership to this group, but has decided to take a break.  Thank you to Eric and Carie for stepping up to replace Tiko.
    • Pickleball has grown in popularity with almost all of the allocated time being fully utilized.
    • Please take the time to thank your Activity group leaders as without these dedicated people these activities would not be available.
  • Thank you to Mark Merry who was recently elected as the new Sports Director.

4.5       Cultural

  • The Cultural Director advised that the following groups fall under this umbrella.
    • Photography, Life Writing, Book club, South East Asian Cultural group, Bus trips, Songsters, Drama, Hostess Group, Red Hat Society, Travel, Literature, Veterans, Genealogy, Dance Club.
    • The Photography group is currently working on a project to assist the Advisory Board to advertise and market Dogwood.
    • The Dance Club has gone from 30 members to nearly 100 at present.
    • Songsters are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. They started as a ‘sing along’ group and now perform in various venues in the Tri-cities, including Care Homes, Spring and Christmas concerts and other civic activities.
    • The Hostess group play an important role daily at Dogwood welcoming members and others with inquiries; assisting with other responsibilities at various events such as pub nights, concerts, etc.

4.6       Recreational Supervisor

  • The Recreational Supervisor advised that this year we have said good bye to retiree, Margaret Hansen, who has worked with the Stroke club for over two decades. Kim Bortolin is Margaret’s successor.
  • New Recreational Leaders, Trevor Yatlo and Lubima Ossetinskaya provide support in special events and programming.
  • Dogwood membership held steady with about 2000 registered members.
  • Staff work hard to help plan and facilitate a variety of recreational opportunities throughout the year.
  • The south bathrooms were renovated and received a great facelift.
  • Furniture in the library, hallway and lobby were refurbished this past year.
  • Poirier Community Centre reopened after being closed for six months for renovations.
  • Centennial Secondary School is on the final stretch of a major five-year construction process.
    • The new school still needs a replacement second gym and sports field.
  • Dogwood, once again, had a strong and successful year filled with growth and camaraderie, credited to the hard work and skills of the Dogwood staff and volunteers.
  • Heartfelt appreciation to the current Board for all of their dedication and commitment this past year.
    • The Dogwood members are what make this centre buzz. The membership is what gives our centre life, warmth and friendship.
    • Thank you all for making Dogwood the best 50 plus centre; encourage others to join us!
  • President’s Report
  • The President reported that the past year has been both busy and interesting for Board and the Society.
  • As part of the strategic plan for seniors, negotiations were supposed to have begun in January between the City and the Society for a new service provider agreement.
    • Due to reorganization of City staff, negotiations have not started.
  • The past year was first year we operated under new City guidelines as a multi-age recreation facility.
    • There was minimal impact on seniors.
  • The Board has pursued a number of initiatives this past year:
    • Financed the refurbishing of the Library and reception areas.
    • Financial assistance to a number of Activity groups.
    • Helped with purchase of new equipment or repair and maintenance of current equipment.
    • Undertook a survey to help determine how well Dogwood was meeting the needs of members and how we might improve things.
      • Results were very encouraging: many positive comments were received; some issues were mentioned which the Board is addressing with the appropriate people.
      • Examples of issues: difficulty registering on-line (City working on a new computer system which should alleviate this situation); uncomfortable school buses used for bus trips; (more comfortable buses will add to cost of trips) temperature control in the building; (not sure this can be resolved).
      • Many suggestions for additional activities and programs were received and were passed on to the Programmers.
      • Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to the survey. Members can bring issues and suggestions to the Board’s attention at any time.
    • Volunteers played a great part ensuring the success of our activities at Dogwood. A special lunch will be held in April to honour their efforts.
    • Dogwood success is also heavily reliant on the many City staff who work hard on our behalf and our thanks goes out to them also.
    • Thank you to all of the members of the Board who are also volunteers, for their time and effort and for the many hours they put in.
      • Thank you to Cec Coristine and George Metcalf who are not continuing on with us this year.
    • Welcome to new Board Directors: Jack Obst, Social and Educational Director; Mark Merry, Sports Director; Christine Stanley, Crafts and Games Director.

5.0       Other Business

 5.1       Society By-law Changes

The Financial Director explained to the members, that under the BC Societies Act, there are some new changes that we must make in our by-laws.

The Societies Act came into effect November 28, 2016 and governs how societies (not-for-profit corporations) are created and run in BC.

Official Records of the Society

Division 2 – Society Records – There are 14 Official Records

Records to be kept

20 (1)   A society must keep the following records:

(a)        the society’s certificate of incorporation;

(b)        the constitution of the society;

(c)        the by-laws of the society;

(d)       the statement of directors and registered office of the society;

(e)        the society’s register of directors, including contact information provided by each director;

(h)       The society’s register of members, including contact information provided by each member;

(i)         the minutes of each meeting of members, including the text of each resolution voted on at the meeting;

(k)        the financial statements of the society

By-laws being changed:

  1. Membership

Society members are defined as people aged 50+, who are on the Society Rolls participating in Board approved groups or activities.

  1. i) All Society members are required to become members as outlined

under by-laws 7, 8, 9, 10 and purchase a City of Coquitlam

pavilion membership on or before their third visit.

  1. The Dogwood Pavilion Seniors Society
  2. a) General
  3. i) The Executive and Directors of the Dogwood Pavilion Seniors Society shall be collectively referred to as ‘The Board’. The Board is selected annually as per clause c) on page 5.

(c)        Board Terms of Office

  1. i) The positions of President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President

and Director at Large are to be elected at an Annual General Meeting for a two-year term by the Dogwood Pavilion Seniors Society membership.

  1. ii) Activity Group Directors and Assistant Directors, are elected for a two-year term by their respective Activity Groups.

The positions outlined above i) and ii) are limited to serving a maximum of two consecutive terms in any one position (4years), with elections being held after the first term.

iii) vi)   The terms of office start the month immediately following the election and for the next 24 months.

  1. Activity Groups
  2. a) All participants in Activity Groups must be Members in good standing as per 1 (i) of these By-laws.
  3. ii) All activity groups must provide a membership list to the Board.

iii)        The membership list shall contain a minimum of first and last names as well as phone number and City of Coquitlam Pass Number.

  1. iv) (b) Activity Groups consist of activity participants, a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson and other positions elected by the members of the Activity Groups as deemed necessary.
  2. b) This attendance fee is not required for activity members whose primary role is to provide fund raising services for the society (e.g. craft shop, woodworking or who perform volunteer roles on behalf of the Society.
  3. c) Each Activity Group Chairperson is responsible for calling Activity Group meetings to conduct their overall committee business and to report on Board business. A minimum of one such meeting per year is required to ensure ongoing involvement and interaction within the group.
  4. d) Activity Groups are encouraged to have written, Board approved guidelines to define and regulate their activities.
  5. e) When dues, fees or other revenues are received by an Activity Group it is the responsibility of the Activity Group Leader to ensure proper accounting procedures are followed.

Access to Records

Only official records under s.20(1) of the BC Societies Act are available for inspection by, and disclosure to members. All other records are only accessible at the sole discretion of the directors.  A request for records must be in writing to The Board, stating the reason for the request.  Upon approval, records may be accessed at the Dogwood Pavilion from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays.


Collection of Information

 The Society collects personal information directly from its activity groups and its members as well as from non-members who act as lead hands with the Society.  The Society’s website does NOT track or analyze usage data.

The Society is committed to using information in a respectful and useful way.  The Society is also committed to making sure patrons do not receive more than a reasonable number of emails, letters, or phone calls.

Information will only be used as follows:

  1. a) individual activity groups may use their group’s activity information solely to the benefit of their activity as determined by their executive committee/members.
  2. b) the board of directors of the Society may use any/all membership information solely to the benefit of the Society as determined by the board as outlined in its constitution/by-laws.
  3. c) As directed by Federal, Provincial or Municipal legislation, or for audit purposes.

MOTION:      That the changes made to the Dogwood Society By-laws in compliance to changes to the BC Societies Act, be accepted.

MOVED BY: Christine Stanley

SECONDED BY:   Agnes Lehto


 5.2       Bridge Issue

                        Dave Beatty addressed the Board and members present, regarding space issues faced by this Bridge group during the time they normally play bridge.  There are approximately 130 members and space for only 80 players, meaning some players cannot play at the specified time.

It was pointed out by members of the Board, that the space issue is a City issue, and the Board has no jurisdiction over space or times.  A meeting between representatives from the City, the Board and the Bridge group was held earlier this week, at which time the City advised that they would look into the matter to see if it can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.  The City advised that they would get back to the Bridge group as soon as possible.

6.1       Nominating Committee Report

     The Director at Large advised that there are three Board positions to be filled:

President, 1st Vice-President and 2nd Vice-President.  The Director at Large asked if there were any nominations from the floor.  There being no nominations from the floor; the positions of President, 1st Vice-President and 2nd Vice President were elected by acclamation.

            6.2       Election for President, 1st Vice-President and 2nd Vice- President

President: – Susan Williamson

1st Vice-President – Willy Martin

2nd Vice-President – Marge Kroeker

7.0       Special Recognition

Dogwood staff were thanked for all the hard work they do for the Dogwood Society.   The following staff were presented with flowers:

Charlene Walford, Jill Skabar, Melissa Friolet, Kim Bortolin, Loraine Hauser, Judy Haminishi

Others who received flowers later were: Maren Omstead, Laura Murray, Trevor Yatlo, Mary Norby, Sharon Burke, Debbie Van Halst, Sheri, Greenwood, Lubima Ossentinskaya, Catherin Kwon, Christal Wackerbauer, Angie Cooper.

Gifts certificates were presented to the following: Angel, Chris F., Chris T., Diane, Dustin, Ricardo, Sabraina, Sabrina, Adam, Andrew.

8.0       Adjournment

            MOTION:      That the Annual General Meeting be adjourned at 2:35 pm.

MOVED BY:  Dale Beatty

            SECONDED BY:  Boris Hocaluk


Members were invited to stay for complimentary refreshments.

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